Know Who Will Be Answering the Door to Your Staff

Will the next patient present a safety threat to your home-care worker? Perform an immediate, low-cost background check on patients to screen:

  • 99% nationwide criminal records
  • 900+ sex offender sources
  • 700+ Patriot Global Watch List sources
  • 70+ warrant sources
  • Social security traces

As part of pre-visit preparation, know more about the setting that your workers will be entering. Pre-visit screening is a must in protecting the safety of hospice workers, social workers, physical therapists, and any other in-home care provider.

During our call, we’ll show you how easy background checking can be (instant insights!) and discuss how use of the service can be incorporated into your safety planning.

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of homecare nurses have experienced violence in the workplace


of homecare workers report concerns over their personal safety


states are reducing healthcare violence by requiring safety plans